Travel and Health Certificate

International Health Certificates:

Beverly Robertson Veterinary Clinic is one of the most experienced clinics on the west coast regarding international health certificates. Both Dr. Nassi and Dr. Gleason are USDA Accredited veterinarians and can issue health certificates.

Please note all international health certificates requiring USDA endorsement must now be completed using the USDA’s online Veterinary Export Health Certification System (VEHCS) and usually need to be accompanied with a prepaid shipping label. The local USDA office in El Segundo, CA, no longer allows paper submissions or walk-in appointments. Please do not fill out any health certificate documents yourself; all forms need to be completed by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian. We also do not sign off on other veterinarian’s certificates; we start and finish the process ourselves.

If you plan to email us regarding your pet’s travel, please include the information below:

Country of destination, date of travel, type of the pet (Dog or Cat), Rabies vaccination certificates (with complete Rabies vaccine information, lot number, veterinarian signature and microchip number listed on the certificate). Invoices are NOT accepted in place of a signed Rabies certificate.

Please note, some countries have complicated steps and require different tests such as FAVN or RNATT testing (Rabies titer testing). Test results can take up to 8 weeks to return from the laboratory, and we do not have any control on timing of the test results as these are submitted to an outside laboratory. We also do not dictate the requirements of your destination country; we simply follow the rules put forth by that country. Please plan accordingly and be patient with us as we receive many requests daily. Emails and requests are managed in order of urgency and date of the flight. Please note that we are not a travel agency, and our doctors are busy all day seeing appointments and performing surgeries; it may take up to 48 hours to get back to you – PLEASE BE PATIENT.

There are different fees involved depending on which tests, treatments, and documents are needed. In some cases, we need to collect a consultation fee to start the process. Airline and cargo forms are subject to separate fees.

Please make sure you follow the rules and regulations for your travel destination on APHIS Pet Travel Website: This is the only official website to guide you correctly.

For most countries your pet is required to be microchipped and vaccinated for Rabies. The microchip needs to be implanted before Rabies vaccine administration.

Island states and nations require a more extensive immunization process and a very detailed health certificate which will be reflected in the cost.

Please note all health certificates and related treatment (such as mandatory internal and external parasite treatments) needs to be done by USDA certified veterinarian. Forms are filled by clients are not accepted.

Domestic Health Certificate:

Traveling interstate with your pet requires a health certificate within 10 days of travel for most states. Service animals are not exempt and unfortunately airlines could be providing you misleading information (most airlines do not require health certificate but please note, health certificates are required and randomly inspected by destination state’s health/agriculture personnel not by airline staff) . Please check with your destination state for specific travel requirements. Please refer to the new APHIS Pet Travel website:

International Health Certificates:

Please click above to fill out the International Health Certificate Information Form

Thank you.