Our dentistry service includes complete oral examination, teeth cleaning with ultrasonic scaler, periodontal treatment, oral and gingival surgeries.

A high tech digital dental x-ray delivers top quality images in order to provide best oral/dental care. Dental X-rays allows us to evaluate tooth root, fractures and deep pockets. Our patients get complete monitoring and IV fluids while under anesthesia for their dental procedure.

Our dental service includes proper pain control, post dental care and consultation.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND NON ANESTETHIC TEETH CLEANING. Proper teeth cleaning involves scaling under the gum all around each tooth whish is absolutely impossible in an awake patient. The cosmetic non anesthetic teeth cleaning done by non veterinary professional, will not take care of the periodontal disease, will not detect any root fractures or disorders and will cause permanent damage to the tooth enamel due to hand scaling.