Our surgery suite is fully equipped with the most sophisticated equipment including high technology monitoring system, anesthesia machine, and constant warming system to keep the patient warm while they are under anesthesia. The surgery room is kept sterile all the time to help maintain the most sterile environment possible.

Your pet’s heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, ECG, oxygen saturation and blood pressure is being monitored during anesthesia. All of our anesthetic patients will receive IV fluids via their catheter in order to maintain balanced blood pressure also to avoid any damage to vital organs.

Our surgeries are included but not limited to:

Spays, Neuters, Mass removals, Wound repairs and ear hematoma repairs.

Majority of soft tissue surgeries such as abdominal explore, preventative gastropexy for large breed dogs( to prevent bloat ), skins mass/tags removal and bladder stone removal (cystectomy).

Limited Orthopedic surgeries such as knee surgeries (cruciate surgeries and luxating patella repairs)