Travel and Health Certificate

Domestic Health Certificate:

Traveling interstate with your pet requires a health certificate within 10 days of travel for most states. Service animals are not exempt and unfortunately airlines could be providing you misleading information (most airlines do not require health certificate but please note, health certificates are required and randomly inspected by destination state’s health/agriculture personnel not by airline staff) . Please check with your destination state for specific travel requirements. Please refer to the new APHIS Pet Travel website:

International Health Certificates:

Please make sure you follow the rules and regulations for your travel destination on APHIS Pet Travel Website: This is the only official website to guide you correctly.

For most countries your pet is required to be microchipped and vaccinated for Rabies. The microchip needs to be implanted before Rabies vaccine administration.

Island states and nations require a more extensive immunization process and a very detailed health certificate which will be reflected in the cost.

Please note all health certificates and related treatment (such as mandatory internal and external parasite treatments) needs to be done by USDA certified veterinarian. Forms are filled by clients are not accepted.

Thank you.